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What is “FAME”? Why do you want it?

The traditional path to fame is packed with millions of travelers and almost all of them will fail. Years wasted, fortunes spent, you’ve lost your significant other and your dream is nowhere close to coming true. If you follow my path, the safe path and truth of how to become famous, you’ll walk alone and you’ll get there fast. After 20 years of building the biggest stars in the world, I present to every brand that’s looking to dominate their market and every artist that’s looking to make their dreams come true, FAME by Sheeraz Masterclass, Season 1. These ten classes  are a perfect blueprint to becoming famous and will allow you to take control of your own destiny. You don’t have to do a deal with the devil. You just have to take this course, follow our strategy that built some of the most famous stars of all time, and win.


What is Your X-Factor and What is Your Tool Kit?

First figure out what makes you special as a brand or talent. Now make sure the world knows this too with a perfect “Toolkit”. This toolkit is the same formula that Sheeraz used for clients like Zendaya in order to position her for “Spiderman”, or to get numerous influencers life changing brand deals and has allowed countless brands to become a contender in 2020. Now he’s sharing it with you. Sheeraz breaks down the materials and weapons you’ll need to be a rockstar online and so you can dominate offline.


Buyers Vs Renters

How did Sheeraz know what moves to make with Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra when he was helping make them global superstars? How did Sheeraz know whether to pull the trigger on a multimillion dollar ad campaign or to wait for something better? How did Sheeraz grow his own companies from nothing to being world famous and worth millions of dollars? Well he wasn’t guessing. Before you begin investing money into your own marketing and brand, you need to understand the buyers and renters philosophy that has guided Sheeraz to incredible success and helped him avoid very costly mistakes for himself and some of the biggest celebrities and brands in the world.


Social Media and Content Strategy

There are 7 fundamental rules of social media to follow if you want to create FOMO and become an industry leader or the next big star. Sheeraz breaks those down and shares his secret weapon that has given him an audience with some of the worlds biggest brands and talent. In this class you’ll see why Red Bull and K-Pop sensation BTS have become unbeatable following Sheeraz’s formula for becoming a social media giant.


Live Activations

Are you ready to disrupt the world and dominate your market? Sheeraz goes over the power of live activations, the different types that will work and what you need to know before you do one. He also illustrates how to do this with powerful case studies. Case studies like shutting down the world’s biggest mall for the largest meet and greet of all time with Logan Paul, disrupting a $95 billion dollar industry with Paris Hilton, getting 250,000 fans to show up for Kim Kardashian, making a small frozen yogurt famous and helping CNCO win a Latin Grammy in the same activation, and even how he made his car the most famous car in Beverly Hills.


Breaking News

Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan walk into a bar. Well, a milkshake bar. That Sheeraz owned. Watch how Sheeraz was able to land these stars, then use the power of the media combined with his strategy to make his small shop a household name that eventually sold for millions. Breaking news is a delicate art that if done incorrectly will backfire, but if you do it right it’s an overnight game changer. Sheeraz walks you through multiple case studies where this worked wonders for his clients like Jake Paul, Oscar De La Hoya, and even P&G and how he has generated billions of dollars of earned media for all kinds of brands and artists over the course of his career.


How to deal with talent and How to deal with brands

If you’re breaking news, your toolkit looks amazing and your live activations are causing insane disruption, you are now working with large brands and awesome talent. Dealing with talent and brands at the highest levels is it’s own language and Sheeraz is fluent. If you cannot speak this language you will get robbed, your activations will not produce the results you want and what could’ve been a really successful partnership will fizzle out before it even begins. Sheeraz will give you invaluable guidance and advice for brands and talent to get their maximum value from collaborations and avoid any speed bumps in the relationship.



You gottuh network to get work baby. Networking is perhaps the most important aspect to master when trying to grow your brand or your career as a talent. If you want, you can hope that the right person finds you and changes your destiny. Or you can do what Sheeraz is teaching in this class, actively go find the right person and leave with a long lasting partnership. It’s how he landed a $1 million contract to do a TV show when he was living out of his car.


How to close

Now you’re at the table and it’s time to get paid. In Hollywood some of the biggest collaborations fall apart every day at this step. Sheeraz gives you his secret to walking away from a meeting with a deal from a brand or with an artist. This formula is precisely how against all odds Sheeraz landed a $2 million dollar deal for Jennfier Lopez to perform for just 20 minutes.


Your Roadmap

If you’ve gotten this far you’ve learned a lot. Sheeraz organizes all the lessons in a roadmap that is clear to follow and for you all to refer to as you start your journey to fame. Finally, he breaks down the thesis for this course and the core of what he has been teaching you all along. When you’re chasing fame you will hear a thousand different people tell you how to make it and it will become impossible to know what to believe. “FAME by Sheeraz” gives you the truth in one place.

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