The truth is stranger than fiction...

A Completely Different Approach To "Getting Famous" That I Used with Kim Kardashian Is Yours for The Taking – And I am Convinced Anyone Can Copy What I'm Doing to Get Famous & Build A Celebrity Brand of Power and Prestige.

The demand is huge for people with powerful individual brands who can influence, communicate, and persuade others. Social media posters and voices are a dime a dozen.

Powerful social influencers are a rare breed and extremely valuable.

My name is Sheeraz Hasan and here is the whole truth.

Anyone can get on social media… but I’m one of the handful of people in the world who can teach you how to become world renown, how to get famous on tiktok, how to become Instagram famous, or how to become popular and so big you have a stampede of fans and big brands lining up throwing their money at you begging you to take it so they can sponsor you!

I can show you how to be sponsored by big brands, paid mega bucks while jet setting around the world flying internationally first class to exotic locations to speak, attend exclusive red carpet events and make loads of money and have virtually free vacations at 5 star hotels… creating unforgettable memories for you, your family, and your future.

I’m talking about the opportunity of lifetime. I’m talking about privileges and opportunities in life reserved only for the famous.

So, listen up…

If you are a business owner, author, speaker, blogger, or you use Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter to build your personal brand or business and you’re looking to be famous for who you are or what you do, this letter is extremely important to you and deserves your immediate attention.

If you’re serious about becoming famous and want celebrity status and get paid like a celebrity, please stop what you’re doing, find a quiet spot, and invest the next 10 minutes devouring the details of this letter.

For over 2 decades now, I’ve been a formidable force behind the building and managing of marketing campaigns for world-famous celebrities including Kim Kardashian, JLO, Ace Family, Lele Pons, Logan and Jake Paul, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Priyanka Chopra, Paris Hilton and the Jackson family, among others, generating over $2bn in earned media..Regardless of who you are and where you are right now in your life and in your quest prestige, power, and fame, once you know what I know and what I have done to help some of the biggest celebrities become famous… you too can become famous.

Have you ever looked at some famous people and wondered “How did they do it? How did that person become so famous?”

You see, many people think you need some special talent and ability like singing, rapping, or acting. Maybe you think fame is reserved for politicians, musicians, producers, athletes, and billionaire CEO’s.

Considering there are many of all that above that are not famous, and many not included in the above that are famous… there must be more to it.

It is.

FAME is not something you wait for others to give to you.

FAME is not something you stumble upon.

FAME is something you create and design through very specific deliberate actions.

These actions are so powerful, and so predictable in making people famous that not one famous person today has not use them and are still using them.

FAME is manufactured
just like houses, cars, and clothes.

If you know what kind of fame you want, all you need to know is the process for creating it.

That’s why I’m writing this today.

After decades of helping others become famous, helping both individuals and companies build mega brands and all of them raking in hundreds of millions of dollars from various deals. I have decided to rip the curtain down and take you by the hand and walk you down the path to creating your own FAME.

You see, I learned long ago that there is one thing more powerful than money… and that’s FAME, because by being famous you can get all the money you want.

Not only that. Being famous give you access to little known parts of this world that right now you don’t even know exist.

Being famous is not just about being a well-known public figure… although it's awesome to go places and people know who you are. Being famous is more than about the Paparazzi rolling up on you taking pictures and asking questions… even though you will love that experience.

And yes, being famous gives you unrestricted access to some of the most lofty places, access to prestigious and powerful people and access to a seemingly never-ending flow of money for whatever you want.

However, being famous is more than that.

Being famous comes with big responsibilities and the unprecedent opportunity to make a difference by using your newfound fame and power to influence people, places and events that can make a big different in the world.

So while being famous comes with countless perks, it also comes with great responsibility of using your fame responsibly.

It is an amazing feeling to see people respond to you, rushing, pushing and shoving to get close to you while waving their hands to get your attention.

And oh, the money you make being famous is incomparable to anything else.

That’s why I’ve decided to introduce…

This is a one-of-kind program that reveals the industries deepest secrets on how fame is manufactured and how you can use the same little-known secrets to get famous at whatever you do.

Even if you just want to get Instagram famous.

Imagine getting paid over $10,000 for posting an ad on your IG or making 6 to 7 figures a year from various sponsorship deals.

You see, fame pays in many ways.

"How To Get Famous… FAST!"

Listen, I’m going to cut to the chase here and lay out an opportunity for you to learn the insider secret to creating your own fame.

You’re invited to get instant access to my most closely guarded secrets to becoming famous that are used by the biggest celebrities and companies to create iconic brands and raving fans.

You can use these proven methods to becoming personally famous, launch your personal brand, build a company, grow a product line, sell more products, get paid to speak, become a best-selling author, and even turnaround a failing business.

Whatever the reason you may have to want to hold up wield the sword of fame, you can be assured that it’s power can take you from unknown to known and from struggling to breakout success faster than anything else.

Just imagine secrets that can help you to…

Rise above your competition and develop a bullet-proof brand.

Emancipate you from obscurity and the pit of the unknown.

Develop a brand that is so entrancing and gripping that sponsors are begging to work with you.

Tap into and unleash the hidden powers of the rich and famous in your own life.

Move ahead in your business and go higher by being famous at what you do.

This course is more than theory and lecture. It contains actual battle-tested methods you can take and use immediately to start becoming famous.

FAME Is One Click Away

FAME By Sheeraz is full of startling revelations.

From start to finish, you will be presented with a buffet of tips, secrets, and instructions the like of which you have never heard or seen before.

This priceless knowledge you will unearth is so powerful it can lift you to the exalted pinnacle of fame, power and success.

Inside FAME By Sheeraz we strip away the veil from the dearest and closes secrets of the elite behind the scene who control who becomes famous and who doesn’t.

It’s part teaching, part implementation, yet startling, compelling and transforming at every step.

You’ve never seen anything like this before because it doesn’t exist. That’s why I created FAME By Sheeraz.

For years, I’ve privately helped people become famous and make next level types of income. Many of those people you still see today at the apex of success reaping the innumerable rewards of being famous.

You see, there are a lot of books, videos, and other stuff on how to build a brand. But no one is as qualified as I am to show you how to not just build a brand… but become famous.For most people, it has been trial and error (with lots of errors) and years of frustration, missed opportunities and wasted income from trying everything you can think of to see what will work best to build your name, your business, your brand and to get famous.

That is all going to change right now!

You see, there is an art and strategy to becoming famous.

So, here’s the deal…

You are about to get instant access to the most closely-guarded secrets used by the rich and famous.

This tried and true inside secrets supremely profitable and treasured by the exclusive few famous people and companies who know them and use them.

My goal is to hand these secrets over to you on a silver platter so you can reap the rewards and even experience…

FAME Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

It doesn’t matter who you are, how known (or unknown you are) or how much you make now, I can assure you it’s not even close to your potential.

What you don’t know is costing you fame… and a fortune.

So, if you’re a fame seeker, blogger, YouTuber, socialite, video gamer, public speaker, teacher, coach, consultant, or you want to be... then this incredible training on getting famous can have a major impact on your life.

FAME By Sheeraz offers a new and ingenious system for brand rocking visibility to get you seen, heard and famous.

The myth-shattering information and explosive secrets, strategies and methods revealed FAME By Sheeraz has startled industry insiders when they heard I was releasing this.

More important however, people just like you with dreams and desires to be famous at what they do have already used the FAME By Sheeraz industry breaking methods for maximum performance, power, prestige, prosperity, fame and personal gain.

Whether your brand new at what you do or you have experience, you owe it to your future and your potential to master the system available exclusively in FAME By Sheeraz.

Once you do, you can have so much fame, money and the power that comes with it, then you'll know what to do with.

Get Started, To Get Famous

Old brand building training methods fail because they teach the skill of building a brand, but not the art of creating fame and empire building.

Learning how to write is a skill, however, learning how to write a blockbuster novel is an art.

It's the same with getting famous. Everyone knows how to get on social media and post content like blogs, videos and podcast. However, less than 3% know the art of creating fame and building a famous empire that makes you millions.

Inside FAME By Sheeraz you learn the best skills for brand buildinng and you go way beyond the skills into the art of becoming famous and building a multi-million dollar empire.

Perhaps the best part about the FAME By Sheeraz System you will learn is that it's easy to follow.

In fact, if you're willing to give it a chance... it doesn’t  matter 'where' you are... 'how old' you are... how much 'education' you have, or your level of 'experience.'

In fact, you get total solution to getting famous!


What is “FAME”? Why do you want it?

The traditional path to fame is packed with millions of travelers and almost all of them will fail. Years wasted, fortunes spent, you’ve lost your significant other and your dream is nowhere close to coming true. If you follow my path, the safe path and truth of how to become famous, you’ll walk alone and you’ll get there fast. After 20 years of building the biggest stars in the world, I present to every brand that’s looking to dominate their market and every artist that’s looking to make their dreams come true, FAME by Sheeraz Masterclass, Season 1. These ten classes  are a perfect blueprint to becoming famous and will allow you to take control of your own destiny. You don’t have to do a deal with the devil. You just have to take this course, follow our strategy that built some of the most famous stars of all time, and win.


What is Your X-Factor and What is Your Tool Kit?

First figure out what makes you special as a brand or talent. Now make sure the world knows this too with a perfect “Toolkit”. This toolkit is the same formula that Sheeraz used for clients like Zendaya in order to position her for “Spiderman”, or to get numerous influencers life changing brand deals and has allowed countless brands to become a contender in 2020. Now he’s sharing it with you. Sheeraz breaks down the materials and weapons you’ll need to be a rockstar online and so you can dominate offline.


Buyers Vs Renters

How did Sheeraz know what moves to make with Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra when he was helping make them global superstars? How did Sheeraz know whether to pull the trigger on a multimillion dollar ad campaign or to wait for something better? How did Sheeraz grow his own companies from nothing to being world famous and worth millions of dollars? Well he wasn’t guessing. Before you begin investing money into your own marketing and brand, you need to understand the buyers and renters philosophy that has guided Sheeraz to incredible success and helped him avoid very costly mistakes for himself and some of the biggest celebrities and brands in the world.


Social Media and Content Strategy

There are 7 fundamental rules of social media to follow if you want to create FOMO and become an industry leader or the next big star. Sheeraz breaks those down and shares his secret weapon that has given him an audience with some of the worlds biggest brands and talent. In this class you’ll see why Red Bull and K-Pop sensation BTS have become unbeatable following Sheeraz’s formula for becoming a social media giant.


Live Activations

Are you ready to disrupt the world and dominate your market? Sheeraz goes over the power of live activations, the different types that will work and what you need to know before you do one. He also illustrates how to do this with powerful case studies. Case studies like shutting down the world’s biggest mall for the largest meet and greet of all time with Logan Paul, disrupting a $95 billion dollar industry with Paris Hilton, getting 250,000 fans to show up for Kim Kardashian, making a small frozen yogurt famous and helping CNCO win a Latin Grammy in the same activation, and even how he made his car the most famous car in Beverly Hills.


Breaking News

Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan walk into a bar. Well, a milkshake bar. That Sheeraz owned. Watch how Sheeraz was able to land these stars, then use the power of the media combined with his strategy to make his small shop a household name that eventually sold for millions. Breaking news is a delicate art that if done incorrectly will backfire, but if you do it right it’s an overnight game changer. Sheeraz walks you through multiple case studies where this worked wonders for his clients like Jake Paul, Oscar De La Hoya, and even P&G and how he has generated billions of dollars of earned media for all kinds of brands and artists over the course of his career.


How to deal with talent and How to deal with brands

If you’re breaking news, your toolkit looks amazing and your live activations are causing insane disruption, you are now working with large brands and awesome talent. Dealing with talent and brands at the highest levels is it’s own language and Sheeraz is fluent. If you cannot speak this language you will get robbed, your activations will not produce the results you want and what could’ve been a really successful partnership will fizzle out before it even begins. Sheeraz will give you invaluable guidance and advice for brands and talent to get their maximum value from collaborations and avoid any speed bumps in the relationship.



You gottuh network to get work baby. Networking is perhaps the most important aspect to master when trying to grow your brand or your career as a talent. If you want, you can hope that the right person finds you and changes your destiny. Or you can do what Sheeraz is teaching in this class, actively go find the right person and leave with a long lasting partnership. It’s how he landed a $1 million contract to do a TV show when he was living out of his car.


How to close

Now you’re at the table and it’s time to get paid. In Hollywood some of the biggest collaborations fall apart every day at this step. Sheeraz gives you his secret to walking away from a meeting with a deal from a brand or with an artist. This formula is precisely how against all odds Sheeraz landed a $2 million dollar deal for Jennfier Lopez to perform for just 20 minutes.


Your Roadmap

If you’ve gotten this far you’ve learned a lot. Sheeraz organizes all the lessons in a roadmap that is clear to follow and for you all to refer to as you start your journey to fame. Finally, he breaks down the thesis for this course and the core of what he has been teaching you all along. When you’re chasing fame you will hear a thousand different people tell you how to make it and it will become impossible to know what to believe. “FAME by Sheeraz” gives you the truth in one place.

You are about to have an experience that no words can begin to describe. However, let me give it shot.

Inside FAME By Sheeraz, you will learn what took us decades to discover and deploy for celebrities brands you know and recognize today.

You get battle-tested, fame creating insider tips, best-kept secrets, little-known methods, and proprietary systems not revealed anywhere else.

In fact, once you deploy these tip, secrets, and methods in your life or business, you’ll be on a most unusual economic growth curve, becoming more famous and earning income and recognition that far exceeds even your greatest expectations.

Now, you can reach the pinnacle of fame and success at blazing-speed by leveraging all of our experience, insights and closely held secrets.

All we can say is – access FAME By Sheeraz today, sip from the cup of the champions of fame – and actually develop and harness your own fame that can give you more success, more prestige, and more prosperity beyond what you would be induced to believe!

FAME By Sheeraz is by far your surest and easiest way to becoming famous!

After using what you learn - watch your fame and income explode like a fireworks display.

FAME By Sheeraz is a masterpiece, guiding you past mistakes and short-cutting your rise to fame and success.

This training covers a depth and scope of becoming famous that one could never imagine until you are logged in and you start training, the lessons are studied, the methods practiced and the power of fame is acquired by you.

Here’s The Bottom Line!

When you complete the FAME By Sheeraz course, you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running and start racking up fame and successfully getting more and more famous each day, while watching your income increase by staggering amounts… and absolutely loving every minute of it.

Think about this for a minute: Image what it would be like to be personally famous, or to have a famous product or company. Because of this fame you are able to command top pay, build the media and market trust, gain acceptance and influence people to crave and buy what you’re selling… while clamoring to see you.

How would you feel knowing you are one of the limited famous few who can count on making huge profits from virtually everything you do because… well, you’re famous?

This is precisely what you’ll gain from this training. In this very real sense, the FAME By Sheeraz will change your life and your income forever.

"A Limitless Pill for FAME?"

You can finally eliminate the fight to get seen and clear the cobwebs holding you back from fame and start achieving that famous status you so eagerly want and wish for!

If this course was a pill, it would be considered the "Limitless Pill for FAME" A smart drug for people everywhere looking to rise above the competition and mediocrity.  

Even though you can't take 2 and see fame in the morning... you can certainly enroll right now, take action on what you've learned and start seeing fame faster than if you didn't take this course.

Your choice is simple...
Be Famous or Be Gone

The fact that you are reading this shows you want to be famous for whatever your own reasons are. So, do the smart thing, the right thing for you, your business and your financial future… and your fame.

Enroll in FAME By Sheeraz now and give yourself my cheat code for your fame to help you win faster... win bigger ...and win easier at whatever you do!

Replace frustration with focus and clarity to become your best self in the face of the pressure to make the cut and rapidly rise of the ranks of the famous.  

If you want to reach the levels of notoriety, popularity, wealth and fame you know you are capable of, but just haven't experience yet, then here's your opportunity.  

Your constant search for the product or the training that will give you that edge in what you do, ends today ...because you just found it.

So, What’s Up?

You have a decision to make. Frankly, you don’t have a choice. You will pay for my training whether you choose to access it or not.

Here’s why!

You’ll pay many times more by missing huge opportunities, because you are being overlooked and ignored. Yet, the people will more fame (even if they aren’t better than you) will take what could have been yours.

You could easily pay for the training simply with just one new Instagram Shoutout (and that’s small potatoes). Maybe you’ve already paid out the wazoo for course, workshops, books, coaching, etc to grow your brand and get famous… isn’t it time to stop the bleeding and learn the right way to get famous at what you do?

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!

I can’t do anything about past mistakes, but I can surely help you prevent future ones. However, I will need your help. You’ve got to make the next move. My friend, I’ll do just fine whether you get instant access right now or not. My guess is you’ll do OK too.

This really isn’t a life-threatening decision, is it? But this much I know with absolute certainty…

It’s A Life Changing Decision So Here’s What To Do Next

The cost is irrelevant because you can make that back many times over from just one IG post or Shoutout.

Tax Deductible

By the way, your access fee should be tax deductible since this is for your business. That means our partner in Washington DC is willing to pay about a third of your access tuition. Isn’t that neat? I wonder if Harvard is tax deductible.

Make a decision that your future self will thank you for… and take action. Your family, your future self, and the fans that await your arrival will appreciate it.

Sheeraz Hasan,The King Of FAME

P.S. Just imagine your famous… your feeling of power and luxury… respect and honor… prestige and recognition… prosperity and charity… as you travel the United States and the world fascinating audiences with your powerful and radiating presence.

You take the stage, you show up on TV and you electrify the atmosphere with a magnetic attraction so powerful you’re drawing audiences and paparazzi in droves to your feet because they crave to hear more of you and learn more from you.

The floodgates open for you to new relationships, more opportunities to give back and greater opportunities to make more money.

Accessing FAME By Sheeraz is a step in that direction.Let me say this – it will cost you thousands of times more in losses of money, time and energy not having the insider secrets revealed in FAME By Sheeraz.

All the money in the world couldn’t buy for you what the lessons FAME By Sheeraz will teach you.
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