If your business isn’t digital, if your brand isn’t a social media giant, or if you can’t prove to studios that you have an army of followers ready to spend money you’ve got two options: 1) Allow your competition to overwhelm you. 2) Contact Sheeraz Hasan and let FAME make you a champion.


fame by sheeraz



Sheeraz Hasan works directly with businesses and individuals to develop the ultimate marketing strategy so they can rise above the competition and dominate their fields. Whether for your business or for you as an individual, Sheeraz’s personalized consultation will ensure that you achieve fame and brand recognition as well as drive sales and revenue by following the blueprint that has worked for some of the biggest companies and celebrities in the world... READ MORE


FAME By Sheeraz will advise your company on every tool, trick and strategy that your business needs to have the advantage over your competitors. This toolkit is designed to provide innovative ways to drive revenue and customer loyalty for your business. This is the ultimate secret weapon to increase sales!


FAME By Sheeraz has a network of red carpet events around the world where some of the biggest celebrities are in attendance. FAME By Sheeraz will provide sponsorship and gifting opportunities for your brand to be associated with some of the biggest events in the world. For FAME By Sheeraz VIP clients, we can arrange tickets to ultra-exclusive and prestigious events.


FAME By Sheeraz can direct your brand toward the right networks with which your brand needs to be in proximity. Not only will we help you drive revenue, but we can also advise you on how to attract bigger clients and opportunities for your brand. In addition, your brand will be able to open up investment opportunities and international markets through the network identified by FAME By Sheeraz.


The world is too noisy. Billions of conversations are happening every second across all media platforms globally. Whatever the size of the business you have, FAME By Sheeraz’s team will give you strategies and Real-Time activations ideas that will have everybody talking about your brand. Without these strategies, you will never stand out from the crowd.


FAME By Sheeraz will provide you with the ultimate social media strategy to increase views/likes/comments, engage with your competitors’ customers, drive sales and grow your audience organically. This formula has generated billions of dollars in sales for companies.



FAME By Sheeraz has created a unique platform that can amplify your social media posts in real-time. Some of the biggest brands, record labels, movie studios and celebrities in the world use this service to make them look like social media rock stars! With this unique platform, your consumers will immediately see that your brand is creating huge engagement across all social networks and you will be ahead of your competitors.



FAME By Sheeraz will analyze your business and identify the social influencers and celebrities that can be tied to your brand, amplified on social media and drive revenue for your brand. We have direct access to the biggest A-list celebrities, athletes and influencers that we can connect with your brand.



FAME By Sheeraz will provide strategies for your brand to become organically tied to breaking news stories. This process is known hijacking the news.

Hijacking the news is the only amplification way to effectively cut into breaking news to create a trend and increase recognition and brand awareness for your company. Brands spend billions of dollars to get their name in the spotlight. Our proprietary formula is created via strategic alliances and Hollywood and media relationships that will tie your company into breaking news, thereby creating millions of dollars of earned media. This results in the ultimate PR weapon for your company to become a global brand.


We can create a media frenzy in minutes. Whenever and wherever your brand is holding events, doing activations and even when celebrities happen to be at your store location, we will arrange for paparazzi to be there to capture the moments and amplify across all social networks in real time. This will generate media coverage and an enormous buzz for your brand, take market share and drives sales since it looks like talent is organically using your product as opposed to being paid to use it.

Our paparazzi on speed dial are available 24 hours a day whether you are in Los Angeles, New York, Miami or London, we have the ability to highlight your profile to the masses in an instant.


FAME By Sheeraz will create huge media articles for your brand in some of the biggest and most trusted publications in the mainstream media to drive more awareness for your company and also to attract investors. When your brand is featured in a widely read and respected piece of journalism, you are getting earned media. This greatly boosts brand recognition and promotes consumer and investor interest and trust.

FAME By Sheeraz has built strategic alliances with some of the most influential press organizations in the world. Our team will ensure that your brand secures media coverage through a variety of outlets, leading to the heightened visibility that will attract potential consumers. Extensive media exposure cements your brand’s reputation in the minds of consumers and investors as a respected and powerful force in the industry.

The massive media coverage provided by FAME By Sheeraz will help your brand stand out and separate itself from the pool of competitors that are also vying for your target demographic.

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